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Visiting Dalat Vietnam

Visiting Dalat Vietnam: 6 charms of “Da Lat” when I travel to Dalat Vietnam
There are many names people used to say about Da Lat: City of Thousand Flower, Land of love, city of sad, dreamy city, Land of peach… Nature and people of Dalat go into the poetry, painting pictures, in the arts, and in the heart of each person. But despite trying to describe how, just when you visiting Dalat Vietnam, you will be the truest sense of your own. The reasons that I love this place when I travel to Dalat Vietnam.

Visiting Dalat – Cold of the South
What’s cooler than being able to escape the heat of Saigon, travel to Dalat from Ho Chi Minh is to go to a peaceful place. The people of the South have never known northern winter can feel a little in Dalat. Especially as the weather of Dalat is a little cold, but not too cold… extremely worth as resting places.

Located huddled in blankets every morning
If questioned: Go to Da Lat, what do you like the most? I am sure the answer will be the most… “sleeping”. Imagine that, in the early morning, cold wind rushed in, whether you want to leave the “warm wind blanket” does not? That is why many of people travel to Dalat city that… sleeping in beautiful villas or hotels in Dalat, besides a lot of other interesting things that this city offers.

Fresh air
With vast pine forests, numerous lakes, rivers, climate Dalat great property. The atmosphere is fresh, cool, different from the stuffy, crowded big cities like Saigon, Hanoi. Travel in Dalat Vietnam, you can experience one day with 4 seasons: Early morning is the weather of spring, the noon is the summer, the afternoon is autumn, and the night is the winter… So, visiting Dalat Vietnam no need to season, need months. Dalat always pretty, cool and romantic.

City of Thousand Flowers
Blessed the land of temperate climate of Dalat, the paradise of many flowers. In that wild sunflowers, flower Mimosa is best known. Currently, the Dalat people still retain many pretty habits. Everyone loves planting flowers. Flowers in front porch, sidewalk, or wild flowers growing around Dalat make beautiful pictures with the tourists.

The polar cafe “quality”
Dalat is famous of quiet but the cafe is very different, style and sometimes quite… unique. The Song Vy coffee always open French romantic music; Lieu O coffee behind Dinh II, impressed by the style garden design featuring Dalat; Moc Cafe in Ba Trung street, is designed by wood, at weekend with live music by the great singer; Tung coffee located in the Peace Zone serves classical gourmet coffee connoisseur of music again; Hundred roof coffee like a cave with many nooks and crannies, outlandish designs, full of improvisation; to cafes “toxic” and strange Dalat – Cung To Chieu Coffee to listen husky vocals, full of fire and especially her ghostly.

Place to live slow
The slow pace of life, gentle Dalat will help you live slow, slow thinking, so that my heart hardened less than… Who knows, because we realize that we really want, have done nothing and will do the work and life. For all the great things there, what are you waiting for buses that do not catch – Dalat straight on!

How to travel to Dalat Vietnam
Aircraft: There are direct flights from Hanoi, Danang or HCMC to Lien Khuong airport (Dalat) of Vietnam Airlines and VietJetAir. Ticket prices range from 900,000 VND to 1.6 million VND, and the flight time from 50 minutes to 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Note: From the Lien Khuong airport, you can take the bus of the airport in Da Lat (stop at the hotel Aviation Pasteur street near Xuan Huong Lake) for 50,000 VND; or take a taxi about VND300,000 / trip.

Open bus: The famous Bus Open company is Phuong Trang, Kim Travel, Hanh Café, Sinh Tourist, T.M. Brother’s Café. 1-way ticket price of 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND/person.

Telephone number open bus traveling Dalat
Phuong Trang Tel: (028) 3837 5570.

Kim Travel Tel: 028 920 5552.

Hanh Café Tel: 028-3920 5679 – 3837 6429.

Sinh Tourist Tel: In HCMC: 028.3837 6833

T.M Brother’s Café Tel: 028-8377764 – 9120558

Coach: Phuong Trang Coach and Thanh Buoi Coach have many routes Saigon – Dalat, the price ranges between 230,000 VND (beds) / ticket / evening. The buses run continuously, at frequencies of between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Telephone number vehicles traveling Dalat

Phuong Trang Coach Tel: 028.3837 5570 – 028. 38,333,468.

Buoi Coach Tel: 028 38306306 – 028 38308090


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